Our Mission

$240 billion of wealth was created last year in Bitcoin investing alone, and only 5% of those investors were female.

We are on a mission to help as many women as possible to understand and connect with money so that they have the tools to create wealth, and the freedom to choose their lives and have financial security. We are doing this through useful information and access to the fastest growing asset class of our time: digital currencies.

At Spendher, we believe that giving women the tools to invest is a powerful way to make things more equal. More money doesn't make us necessarily make us wealthy, but understanding what to do with it can. Before I understood the power of investing, if I got a pay rise for example, it would usually translate into me just spending more and buying more expensive things!

Often our financial education ends with “get a savings account”, yet as a gender, it is even more crucial for us to understand investing because we retire with 50% less money than men (1/3 women retire with nothing).

We hope you join Spendher, share with your friends and family, and build your knowledge and wealth with us.