Crypto Investing Risks

Bitcoin Price since 2009-3.png

Crypto is volatile and risky. Risk does not mean you shouldn't have skin in the game! It is a tool that wealthy people use to help them work out how much (if at all) and for how long they might invest.

Even though Bitcoin has only had 1 down year since its inception, which is a better average than the stock market for example (4 down years in 20), the risk comes from the fact that it is a new asset class so we don't have a long history of data to refer to like we do with traditional assets like stocks and property. We also don't know what the future holds.

High volatility means you can't rely on your investment being at a certain value next week or next year, if you are saving for a renovation you need to start in 6 months time, then stocks or crypto may not be the answer! It could be flying high or crashing.

Never invest what you can't afford to lose.

This is not financial advice, this is information from someone who has skin in the game and believes that everyone can too.