Same same...but different

same same

- think how digital currency might compare in each category which defines a currency...
  1. Durability - they can withstand the wear and tear of being used repeatedly
  2. Portability - it can be transferred easily (as compared to something like real estate which has value but is not portable)
  3. Uniformity - all version of the same denomination will have the same purchasing power (i.e. a centenary version of $1 coin is worth the same as a $1 produced in 1975 - this category is irrelevant for Bitcoin because there is no physical representation of a bitcoin)
  4. Divisibility - to be useful, money must easily be divided into smaller units, with fiat currency we use coins, in cryptocurrency terms a bitcoin can be divided into 8 decimal places
  5. Acceptability - everyone must be able to use it to exchange for goods and services

but different

It is not backed by any government

There is no central bank controlling

Limited Supply

There is not physical